JANUARY 17, 2024, WEDNESDAY, 11:30-13:00 CET




You’re posting on social media. 

You’re building your personal brand.

You’re probably attracting leads and signing clients as a result of your social media.

At the same time, you just *know* that you would sign MORE clients - and higher-paying clients - if you had a STRATEGY in place.

You want to feel like clients will ALWAYS come. No matter what.

You want to feel like you know exactly what to do in order to attract and sign more clients.

Some coaches might say there’s a “one size fits all” but that’s not true at all…

You need to adjust your marketing and content strategy based on what season your business is in.

What works for some people, might NOT work for you.

That’s why this FREE Masterclass will be all about the method for how to turn followers into clients based on what season YOU are in.

 You’ll learn:

  • The method for how to sign more clients as a result of your social media
  • The fundamentals you need to become successful with this method
  • How to build your audience and making people want to follow and engage with you
  • How to create a following of HOT leads that want to buy from you
  • How to convert your HOT leads into actual clients

After the Masterclass, you’ll feel ready to APPLY what you’ve learned right away!

Can’t watch live? No worries - the recording will be available to watch for ONE week after (so make sure to carve out time to watch the recording!).

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About Joella Skoogh, Business Mentor

I went from no clients, no leads and no network to becoming a business mentor selling premium services while living abroad and working online

I help consultants and coaches make more money by selling premium services and attracting high-paying clients through content on social media.

I have 9+ years of experience in marketing and have successfully built my brand and business in two different niches: First as a consultant, then as a coach/mentor.

Today, I help other consultants and coaches build their personal brands on social media and sell premium services.