Your business doesn’t have to get affected by the recession. In fact, you could DOUBLE your revenue during the recession.

However, you won’t get there by doing the same things you’ve been doing until now…

Going to the next level will require a different mindset, different strategies, and different actions. 

And in some cases, it means increasing output on some of the things you’re already doing.

In this 3-day live workshop, I will share with you my learnings of how I doubled my revenue - and what it required for me to get there.

While everyone’s complaining about the recession - as entrepreneurs we can use this as an opportunity for us to be innovative and actually GROW.

In fact, 2024 could be the year when you finally start scaling your business & increasing your revenue beyond what you thought was possible.

WITHOUT working more.

And still feel like you are living 100% in alignment. Doing what you’re supposed to be doing. 

This is for you if you are a consultant, coach, or running a small agency…

You have clients and revenue in your business, but you want to take a huge LEAP and potentially double your revenue.

This is NOT for you if you are a new business owner without clients.

Day 1: Double Your Revenue Mindset
Time: 10:30-12:00 PM CEST

You’ll learn about the MINDSET required to double your revenue. 

We’ll talk about:

  • The mindset blocks and self-sabotaging habits standing in the way of you currently reaching your goal 
  • Cultivating a mindset that allows you to double your revenue
  • Going from thinking & manifesting to actually implementing 
  • How your mindset and energy attract clients, and how to utilize that in your marketing and sales
Day 2: Double Your Revenue Strategy 
Time: 10:30-12:00 PM CEST

On day 2, it’s all about strategy and implementing the right actions to double your revenue. 

Today we’ll go over:

  • Learnings and mistakes I’ve made in 2023 while doubling my revenue
  • How to avoid feeling overwhelmed and focus on a few, select action points that will move your business forward
  • The activities you need to start implementing NOW to double your revenue
  • How to think about your marketing & sales strategy depending on where you are
Day 3: Q&A
Time: 10:30-11 AM CEST

On day 3 we open up for a 30-minute Q&A session!

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About Joella Skoogh, Business Mentor

I went from no clients, no leads and no network to becoming a business mentor selling premium services while living abroad and working online

I help consultants and coaches make more money by selling premium services and attracting high-paying clients through content on social media.

I have 9+ years of experience in marketing and have successfully built my brand and business in two different niches: First as a consultant, then as a coach/mentor.

Today, I help other consultants and coaches build their personal brands on social media and sell premium services.